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I just had my London escorts portfolio redone, and I was somewhat surprised when the photographer asked me if I wanted my photos to be enhanced. Hey, I thought, is it not your job to take pictures of me in a flattering way. I know that many London escorts have their photos enhanced, but the problem is that it does upset their dates. It must be horrible to turn up to date and find that your hot escorts in London date look nothing like her photo. I would hate that to happen to me, and if I were a man, I think that I would walk away.

None of us are perfect, but I think that getting your photos altered too much does not do you any favors. Before joining the London escorts, I used to be an adult model, so I know that this sort of stuff goes on. But, as I tell my friends at London escorts, they should use a quality photographer. I feel that is more important than anything, and to be fair, it is the photographer’s job to make you look good. I learned a lot working as an adult model, and I try to pass it on to my friends.

It is not easy to tell if a photo used photoshopped, and even I have problems sometimes. If somebody looks too perfect and their skin too smooth, you can bet your bottom dollar the picture has photoshopped. One tip is to check out eye color. If the eyes look just too blue or green, it is like your escort in London photo has been enhanced. Some of the girls here at London escorts love to enhance their photos a lot, but I think it is unfair to do so.

Also, a lot is up to the escorts in London service that you use. Some of the top London escorts services do not allow enhanced photos, which is an acceptable policy. Lots of the other ones do allow them. If you look at some of the images from cheaper London escorts services, you will quite often notice that they have not enhanced it all. The photos may have taken using a camera phone, and you probably get a much more genuine perception of your London escorts.

Should London escorts services not enhance photos? I think there should be some policy on this now. Too many London escorts enhance their girl’s photos, and it is about time the girls started to say know. I am not up in arms about it, but I do think it is unfair on our dates. It is too easy to attract dates to an agency using fake photos. Be genuine instead, and I believe that you will be able to build a much better business. Anyway, that is my personal opinion.

You would never have thought that a move across town would have made such a difference in your social life? I moved to the Isle of Dogs to be closer to my two children after my divorce, but I feel like I have lost all of my friends. They seem to be miles away and we hardly keep in touch any more. I am very much of a sociable animal, so this has been a very difficult experience for me. As a matter of fact, I have started to date Isle of Dogs escorts of for some female companionship. I never had to do that before.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with that dating Isle of Dogs escorts, but I am just shocked at myself. I have always had a few lady friends who you might call friends with benefits, but I seem to have left them behind in Richmond. They don't want to come and visit me in the Isle of Dogs, and neither do they want me to stay overnight at their homes in Richmond. That made me feel strange somehow and I started to look for love elsewhere. Eventually I ended up finding a really good escorts agency here on the Isle of Dogs.


I have started to spread my wings a little bit more locally. For instance, I belong to a dining club and we go out to eat a lot. I have met some rather attractive ladies but their days are full of younger grandchildren. That does not really help me so I do a couple of incalls with Isle of Dogs escorts when I feel like it. I have also started to get interested in other activities such as visiting museums in London. My favorite museum is the British Museum and I am a big patron of that.


Going out to dinner is one of life's little pleasure and I often seek the companionship of Isle of Dogs girls. I don't mind being around people my own age, but I prefer being around younger people. Okay, I am 58 years old but I don't feel it and act it. Going out with my own age group sometimes feels restrictive it and I feel better when I am with younger people. This is one of the many reasons I prefer being out with my much younger ladies. We have more fun and I come away happier at the end of the date.


Do I have any future plans? Well, I intend to expand my social circle here on the Isle of Dogs. I might even start doing some research into the history of the place and I know that I will always have the companionship of my Isle of Dogs girls. Lonely I am not but I would like some permanent companionship when it comes to things like traveling and going to concerts. It would mean a lot to me and I am sure that I would be able to enjoy my life that little bit more with some permanent friends.