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Oral sex is a great way to explore your partner and to understand what parts of his or her body send them to cloud nine. As it has always been the case, it is common for men to give their women oral sex as part of their sex adventure. Unfortunately, most women don’t give their partners oral sex and if you are one of them, you are surely stealing a part of your man’s sexuality away from him. Some men love oral sex more than sex and if you are yearning for such a moment that will blow you away, Eve London Escorts has got you covered.

Eve London Escorts has beautiful and sexy escorts who are willing to go above and beyond to satisfy your sexual needs. Besides, they are professionally trained and experienced and understand what it takes to satisfy you orally. They will give you what you’ve been craving for and show you what you’ve been missing. An escort from Eve London Escorts uses the following tips during oral sex.

Models at Eve Escorts are diverse with the changing demands of their clients. If they realize that you are interested in oral sex, that’s exactly what they will give you. They understand that comfort comes first and will try all their best to remain calm and confident during the special moment you’ll share together. They want you to understand that whatever they are doing is out of their own will and that you are not forcing them. They always enjoy giving oral sex because they believe that if they enjoy, you as a client will also enjoy and the sexier the moment between you will be.

At Eve London Escorts, the models understand that men like it when women get rough with them. They use a combination of hands and tongue to make you scream. For instance, they use their hands to stimulate the shaft of your penis while moving their tongues around your penis head and slowly give you a lovely blowjob. They also massage your cock gently and smoothly to show how friendly and romantic they can be. To make it even better, when one of their hands is on your shaft, the other is on your testicles and whether you like it or not, you cannot resist to cum.

These escorts understand the chemistry of your body and will know where to touch and how to touch it. They know the most sensitive parts of your body such as behind the ear, on the neck, on your nipples, behind your knees, asshole, your balls, and the penis. Besides, they know how to touch them to increase your pleasure. For instance, they will use their fingers to careless your neck, use their tongue on the nipples, balls, and penis, and use the tip of their fingers on your asshole until you climax.